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Sailing Highlights
  • Pigeon Island Race - Spring 2013
  • Date Published: February 07, 2013

Of the six boats that intended to race, only four actually made it to Pigeon Island.  The light to no-breeze conditions on Saturday forced Picante to turn back to the club while Getweh never left the berth (smart move).  The four intrepid competitors Blue J, Harry Hirsch, Stephanie J, and Chen rafted together & had a great time with Blue J’s gallon of V/X Rum.

After an eventful night (around 2am actually) which involved a Fresh Land Breeze, a Deftly Wrapped mooring line around Blue J’s keel, Bashed Gel Coat, and Choice Swearing, the fleet awoke to a beautiful Sunday morning – Race Day.

A decision was made to postpone the start time from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM as there was absolutely no wind and the ‘sufferation’ due to hangovers and lack of sleep were quite prevalent.

After the start there was a whisper of wind which died completely until about 11:10.  When the wind finally came in with about 8+ knots, both Steffie J and Harry Hirsch had already retired and powered up their engines. This left only Chen and Blue J who enjoyed quite a battle before reaching south farewell where Chen took the lead.

Chen got line honours but was beaten in the end by Blue J on corrected time.

Great race for those that finished…

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