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Sailing Older Highlights

Entries for July 2012

  • Heavy winds for the last Sundowner Race # 7
  • Date Published: July 20, 2012

It was the last Sundowner in the series....  

Race number 7, and the wind gods were spitting fire - we saw 34 knots across the bow at one point.
Five boats this time. No Aurora, no Getaway - even the Hirsch had gone missing. But Picante was back deploying a unique "keep-me-out-of-the-shallows" routine called - who knows why - Hardley Lewin. (Curious name, that – Not Quite Lewin... Almost Lewin...). Anyway, seemed to work... And Mystique was back and sailing beautifully, but also with a damaged main.

  • Sundowner Race # 6
  • Date Published: July 13, 2012

Race 6 in the Sundowner Race had a couple of background stories, not least being whether or not Picante would stay clear of the shallow bits, whether Gallivant would get through a race without breaking a sail, and whether the bucket on Aurora’s keel would start taking effect. Well, Picante failed to make the start line – nothing to do with the shallow bits – and no, Gallivant still has trouble getting through a race without a tear or two, and No, that damn bucket still isn’t working on Aurora. How is that boat going so fast?

Mystique also failed to make the start line citing something more important to do…