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  • Ocean Conservancy - International Coastal Cleanup Day
  • Date Published: September 19, 2012

Our sincere "Big Up" and "Thank You" to all the volunteers for the RJYC’s inaugural assistance in Ocean Conservancy - International Coastal Cleanup Day . The RJYC could not have done it without you!

Our RJYC co-sponsors – Restaurants of Jamaica (KFC), Peak Bottling (Catherine’s Peak), Rituals Coffee House, Mayberry Inv, BL Williams, Lillan Ltd, DM Equipment, Omni Industries and Therapy Plus for their kind assistance . Also of mention are the vessels – Contagious, Integrity, Odyssey, Motivation, Razzmatazz, Megabyte and Sea Hawk.

  • Manatee Bay raft-up
  • Date Published: September 13, 2012

The quiet lapping of waves against the hull. Clean breeze in the face.  Sounds of singing, laughter, and the tinkling ice in my rum - even the snoring from Mystique and the 'clank' of the halyards against the mast. All in a Manatee Bay raft-up.

When can we do it again...?

  • Pigeon Island Weekend - oh how great it was!
  • Date Published: July 30, 2012

Can’t really write a piece... Nuerones not yet realigned... It’s a bit fuzzy...
I really don't remember much about last weekend. Did we really do all that stuff?

Sara Hart Photo 

So, those who want to submit a more telling account of what actually went on, please...
But just some memories that either stuck or have magically surfaced...

I have a vague recollection of a fabulous beach lime, twenty boats rafted up or anchored in the bay, music playing, drinks flowing... Does it really get much better than this? As someone would say,

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